When it comes to marketing your small business, it’s time to stop throwing spaghetti at the wall.

You already have what it takes to promote your passion… You just need the right expert in your corner!

Award-winning Coach Melissa DiMercurio offers curated coaching programs to help you confidently navigate all the curves ahead of growing your business!

Services for the Curves Ahead

1:1 Coaching

Private Coaching

Tap into Coach Melissa’s expertise with private coaching to create a strategic marketing plan for your small business.

Group Coaching

Girl Boss Marketplace + Vendor Events

An all-in small vendor group coaching program that culminates in a celebratory sales event!

Free Resources

Deskside with Melissa Blog & Podcast

Get to know Coach Melissa, learn from past clients, and get exclusive insights.

Client Love

“Melissa has been a huge asset to our small women-owned team. The support, guidance and love she has given us has helped us grow in so many ways. We are excited that she is helping other women the same way she has helped us.”

Stephanie Patterson


About Coach Melissa

After 12+ years of working at award-winning marketing and public relations agencies...

Melissa DiMercurio launched Curves Ahead Co., a coaching company that supports entrepreneurs on their journey to marketing and promoting their growing business.

Throughout her career, Melissa has worked with national and international organizations successfully managing marketing strategies and launching numerous high-profile projects. Her clients have included:

But her true passion has always been to help small-business owners with the knowledge that most can only find with an agency!

Instead of opening a traditional marketing agency, Melissa decided to opt for a more unique route that keeps passionate business owners in the driver seat to impact their own growth.

During the pandemic, she obtained her coaching credential and set out on a new quest to turn the marketing world on its head and make it more affordable for small business owners.

Curves Ahead Co. also produces workshops, events, group coaching programs to provide a variety of options to working with a marketing expert.

Professionally accredited + awarded