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The Girl Boss Approach: Digital Confidence Course for Women in Business

Do you find yourself struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling stuck and like you don’t have what it takes to be a successful business owner? 

If this is you, then you’re not alone. Many women experience this overwhelming feeling of self-doubt. 

Together, we’ll help you build your confidence by coaching you to trust in your skills, knowledge, and offerings, so you can finally take bold steps towards achieving your business goals.

Build your empire with confidence

For years, I sat on the idea of opening my own business  because I lacked the confidence and trust in myself to get started.

It was much easier to stay paralyzed and keep repeating  that “someday I will do it…” 

But looking back now, I can’t believe how much time I wasted staying stuck instead of experiencing the excitement of building my dream! 

I created this digital confidence course with you in mind, because I uniquely understand the challenges you face – because I have been there!

When designing this course, I found myself mapping out what I like to call….

“The Girl Boss Approach.”

When I think of a Girl Boss, I think of a confident leader. 

Someone who is fearless about building their business and constantly overcoming obstacles. 

Taking on the identity of a “Girl Boss” has helped me create a more positive mindset for myself and the women I work with.

I want you to be able to lean on this approach and all of its teachings even on the hard days.

This course is self-guided, so, you can go at your own pace. And return to these lessons when you need them. 

I can’t wait to go on this journey together and share what I have learned with you.


That's me in 2022 at my very first Girl Boss Marketplace hosted at SR Studio, sharing my new business!

Coach Melissa

creator of the Digital
confidence course

So, what's inside the course?

When you sign up YOu'll receive a digital login to watch video lessons, participate in exercises/worksheets and map out custom action plans for you and your business.

We'll be covering topics Curated by Me, Coach melissa, and my favorite girl boss experts to help you build your confidence in tangible ways that actually work!

Learn more below about the topics we'll be covering:

Topic 1

Imposter Syndrome

Learn the true meaning of ‘imposter syndrome,’ and how you can quickly and effectively change your mindset, so you never again blame this popular buzz word for your lack of confidence in forging forward in your business.

Topic 2

Embrace your Unique Value Proposition

During the course, you’ll learn how to craft your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) for your business. This will help you get comfortable talking about all of the solutions that your products or services provide to your customers. 

Topic 3

Selling to Win & How to Get the Yes

It’s time to ditch the feeling that you’re coming off too ‘salesy!’ You’ll craft your own sales style, so when its time to close and make your money – you’ll be prepared and can seal the deal without any of the guilt or shame. 

With Special Expert guest

Jean will be teaching on Topic 3:

Selling to Win:
How to Get the 'Yes!"

“I’ve learned that selling is not about being aggressive, it’s about cultivating your own unique selling style by showcasing your talent, authenticity and knowledge during the selling process.”

Jean Wright 

Author, Speaker &
Sales Confidence Coach

Topic 4

Taking on a Leadership Role

Being a business owner, especially when you start hiring employees, takes leadership! You’ll learn core skills to grow professionally to step into your role as head b*tch in charge.

Topic 5

Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone

You know the saying, ‘nothing ever grows from comfort zones.’ You’ll learn how to proactively and strategically step outside the lines for your business even if you’re afraid. 


Building your Support Network

By signing up, you’ll have a head start on building a supportive network for your business. You will interact and network with the other Girl Bosses taking the course. 

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Confidence Course

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  • Life-time access to the self-guided digital course
  • Watch the video lessons
  • Download the worksheets and exercises
  • Meet and interact with all the Girl Bosses taking the course

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