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Welcome to Deskside with Melissa! I am your host and coach, Melissa DiMercurio and I am living a double life fueled by my passion to help you market your small business.

Hey Small Biz Owner,

I am a corporate marketing professional that is also running a coaching company simultaneously.

So, yes, I know what you’re going through and how difficult it can be to craft the professional life you crave. I’ll be honest, most days I am running on pure vision… (okay, and maybe the hope of an early retirement too).

I wanted to create a podcast that touched every entrepreneurial spirit out there, no matter what phase of your journey – whether you’re a full time business owner, side hustler, or just a daydreamer – you’re in the right place and I never want you to feel alone in the world again.

We’re going to be hearing inspiring stories from entrepreneurs in the trenches. We’ll hear how they balance their jobs, businesses and personal lives while staying authentic through it all.

I am also going to be sharing my expertise with you on how to market and promote your business by working smarter, not harder – and giving you the opportunity to have a session with me on-air!

Plus, I am documenting how I am steadily building my own coaching business -you’re going to have a front row seat! And if you think I’ll shy away from the HARD SHIT – you’re dead wrong.

You’ll quickly learn that this Italian-American Girl Boss always keeps it real.

So, step into my office, grab something to write with and let’s navigate all the curves ahead-  together.

-Melissa DiMercurio

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