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Applications are Now Closed for Spring Session

join the waitlist for november 2024

We only offer this program several times a year and spaces are limited! We do not want you to miss this opportunity. Please apply below to receive a link to schedule your free discovery call to ensure that the marketing strategy program is right for you and your growing small business.

Dedicated 8 Week Group Coaching Program

Participate in weekly zoom calls WITH a Group of LIKE-MINDED BIZ OWNERS AND YOUR PRO MARKETING COACH

According to UpCoach, the most common benefit received from coaching is increased self-confidence. In fact, 80% of people who received business coaching reported an increase in self-confidence followed by improved relationships (73%) and communications skills (72%). (Source.)

What you’ll receive when you enroll

Marketing Resources

Access to a Private Digital Platform

You will get a login to a our digital platform where you will have access to our marketing 101 lessons, resources and have the opportunity to network with your session group to keep you connected with your new friends and your Coach throughout the program.

A Customized Goal Setting Roadmap

Once you complete your Marketing Workbook with all your corresponding exercises, it will act as a custom roadmap for your entire year to ensure marketing success that you can emulate again and again in your business!

Promo Content Calendar Creation

Listen, we get it.. social media is a full time job. During this program, you’ll create a killer seasonal promotional calendar for the entire year so you can focus on content that converts – saving time and oh so much energy!

The Confidence to Succeed

You’ll feel prepared to market and promote your business like the pro that you are. Together with your Coach and session group, you’ll adapt a mindset that you can make your big dreams for your business happen and then some. 

2024 Marketing & PR Strategy

No more guesswork or doubt – at the end of this program you will actually have your marketing strategy on paper with the support and input a corporate marketing professional with a proven track record of success.

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We have promotional opportunities for all the small business owners we work with, but particularly if you are a women entrepreneur you’ll also get access to participating in our Girl Boss Marketplace with discounted vendor fees.

Are you pondering if you could just hire a marketing agency to do this all for you because you want to hit the ‘easy’ button on promoting your business?

Well, did you know that when you hire a marketing agency the first thing they will do is build you a strategy which costs upwards of $10,000?

a $10,000+ Value for Only $997

A small business like yours deserves the professionalism of marketing support and resources without the agency price tag.

Ready to market & promote your biz like a Pro ?

Please fill out the application form and review the process below for more information. If you are selected you will receive a “Welcome to the Marketing Strategy Program” email from Coach Melissa. 

Please be advised that this is a MARKETING 101 level program. This coaching program is designed for basic level marketing knowledge. We specialize in working with small business owners, primarily product creators and service providers, that have basic online marketing skills. 

We can ONLY guarantee that by the end of this program you’ll have produced a 2024 marketing strategy for your business. We do not take responsibility in impacting your sales for your business. It will be up to you, the business owner, to implement the strategies you learn during this program. If you have any questions about this please ask during your Discovery Call. Your understanding of this expectation will impact your approval into the program. There are no refunds for this program once paid in full.

Remember, this coaching program provides you with access to a marketing expert to help guide you in your efforts and gives you the opportunity to network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs. We will empower you to embrace your goals on your own terms and to do the work necessary to propel your small business forward. 

$1,395 investment for a custom
marketing strategy

THIS Program is a value of over $10,000 in in marketing resources and professional support!

What's Included ?

I am interested in applying, what is the process?


Fill Out the Application

Small business owners are vetted to ensure that they’re an ideal fit for the coaching program.


Book a Free Discovery Call

After application, you will be emailed the calendar link to book your complimentary discovery call with Coach Melissa within 1 week. 


Orientation & Welcome

Once you’re selected for the program, you’ll receive an email about your invoice + orientation dates/times. Once you pay your invoice, check your mailbox for your welcome package + swag!


Strategy Sessions Begin!

You’ll attend a series of 8 exciting group coaching sessions on Zoom with your Coach and fellow session group to craft your 2024 Marketing Strategy.

**Please note that there are monthly payment plans available. If you have any questions about payment or the program itself, your Discovery Call is the opportunity to ask those questions. All selected business owners are expected to attend as many group coaching sessions live on Zoom, as possible. The program fee includes all of the coaching session dates, you may not select individual sessions. If for some reason you cannot attend one of the dates, a recording of the session will be provided. There are no refunds once you have confirmed your acceptance into the program. 

Free 30-Minute Marketing Training

Take quick action on improving your business Marketing Strategy with our free training! Implement these tangible marketing strategies starting TODAY.

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