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We The Wild Grow Concentrate from The Garden at Creep Hill


Local delivery / pickup only – close to Dual Highway, Hagerstown.  Pickup/delivery instructions will be arranged after order is placed.  




The ONLY indoor plant fertilizer that we use here on Creep Hill!  Our personal plants and the plants we sell are absolutely THRIVING on this formula!  It is safe for pets, certified organic and has a very low odor (I actually smell nothing)!

Want to see fast growth, new shoots, and large leaves all year round? This highly active plant food is like an energy shot for your potted plants. It’s formulated for fast absorption and can be used on all your plants, all year round. Simply shake and squirt it into your water to give your plants the essential bacteria, enzymes, and nutrients that they need for explosive growth!

ABOUT OUR GIRL BOSS: The Garden at Creep Hill, founded by Kelly D’Atri, is a micro-urban homestead with a passion for providing gardening resources and expertise. We provide houseplants, garden plants, succulents and carefully curated garden themed merchandise at affordable prices to the local tri-state area.


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