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Isn’t it about damn time to put YOU, the passionate biz owner, in the driver seat of your own marketing plan?

I know that you are the real reason that your customers are coming back time and time again, so to remove you from the marketing and promoting process of your own business doesn’t make any sense!

I believe that if I teach you how to fish, you’ll eat forever. So, instead of doing all your marketing for you, I am paving an entirely new route with my coaching company, Curves Ahead Co.

What can I expect?

When you sign up for your first coaching session, here’s what we will do together:

Customized Coaching Packages are Only Available Seasonally For a Limited Time. We are Now Booking for Spring and Summer sessions. Space is Limited!

Client Love

“Melissa has been a huge asset to our small women-owned team. The support, guidance and love she has given us has helped us grow in so many ways. We are excited that she is helping other women the same way she has helped us.”

Stephanie Patterson


Let’s Build a Strong Marketing Foundation Customized to Your Small Biz

Similar to hiring an accountant or a graphic designer, working with a certified Marketing Coach to create a marketing plan for your business is an investment.

You wouldn’t trust your books to just anyone – and the same goes for promoting your passion. 

As a trained Coach and a marketing expert, I will be your ally to help you clarify your goals and ask you powerful questions designed to elicit new marketing ideas, opportunities and solutions.

I will also share my suggestions with you and we’ll create assignments to ensure that you are moving forward. 

I will be honest with you, coaching is a time-commitment, I expect you to not only show up for me but most of all for YOURSELF.

Your business is important to you and to me too. The only way to improve at anything is to set aside dedicated time for it, strategically plan ahead and seek the support you need.

-Coach Melissa

Here’s what will go down when you book your first session with me:


Book a Session

Book your first 1-hour coaching session and show up on Zoom at the designated time. Be prepared with any questions you have for me, struggles with your current business, and your business goals.


Talk Goals

During the session we’ll talk about how you’re currently marketing and promoting your products or services. We’ll dive deeper into your goals and decide together on the next best course of action that makes the most sense for your business.


Get Started

Once you have enrolled into the best coaching option for you, you’ll receive a Coaching Guide Book with more details on the program, you will sign a coaching agreement and schedule your weekly coaching sessions

What you’ll receive & achieve when you enroll in our Mogul in the Making

1:1 Coaching Program

Promote Your Passion and Show Them You Mean Business!

Your business goes through seasons just like your life. I have created coaching packages to ensure you are preparing and planning ahead to market your business in alignment with the calendar month.


Are you in a pinch and need to brainstorm with a Marketing Coach today? For a limited time, I am offering 1 hour sessions alacarte for just $70. Just choose the “Book by the Hour” session in the calendar below!

Let's Talk!

Book by the Hour

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